• Prince of Hell
  • Knight of Darkness
  • Darkness' Hound
  • Wrath





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  • The God of Darkness
  • The Seven Deadly Sins

A demigod who is the child of The God of Darkness and The Goddess of Death. He is a member Seven Deadly Sins, going under the title of Wrath.


Cysgod is an arrogant, berserker of a warrior who takes pride in his power and ability to control the battlefield with his presence. Though despite being the son and loyal knight of the God of Darkness, Cysgod holds no place in his heart for his father, and vice versa.


Cysgod was the result of the courtship between the God of Darkness and the Goddess of Death, Rias. The reason for his birth was an experiment by the God of Darkness, who both wanted to create a powerful warrior he would have under his control, and to see what two gods could produce.

Cysgod would be raised by his mother throughout his childhood, having almost no direct contact with his father. He would be put through hard training routines by mentors, and taught how to be a knight, though without the honour that comes with it. The only instance of Cysgod meeting Darkness during this time was when he was gifted with the entity known as Newid Hunllef. Unlike those before him, Cysgod was capable of taming the creature and bonded with it, the two now acting as trusted companions.

Once he reached a suitable age, Cysgod began directly working for his father as his personnel knight. His jobs would range from invoking the wrath of Darkness onto those who disrespected the god, or collecting the souls of those who had died.

With the death of the arch demon Mors, The God of Darkness was in need of new generals and thus, Cysgod was chosen to fulfil the role of Wrath.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • Newid Hunllef - Newid is a shadow like entity that acts as Cysgod's weapon, it has the ability to change its form to aide him in combat. What it can transform into seems to have no limitations.
  • Strength and Agility - Cysgod has extreme strength and agility, that allows him dominate enemies in combat even without the use of Newid.