Crix Bragir

Date of Birth

May 18th, 2548




  • Human (Enhanced)


Fire Bug


  • UCR (Rhea)
  • Foire


  • Foire Military (Former)
    • 606 Armored Battalion
  • Core/Foire Rebels (Former)


Sergeant First Class


Tank Gunner (Former)

Enhanced Rank


Vehicles Operated

FV-/M61F1 Main Battle Tank

 Crix Bragir was a former tank operator for the Foire Military. Believed to have been killed in the Battle of Rima District in Mako's ARM 1 section during the 2575 Foire/Core Rebellion, Crix reappeared three years later as an Enhanced.


Crix was a loyal soldier to the Kingdom of Foire and the ruling family, willing to follow Princess' Aselia's rebellion against the UCR. However, due to the trauma he experienced during the battle of Rima district from his near death experience and the demise of his fellow tankers, Crix developed a heavy case of PTSD, resulting in high paranoia and being unable to trust those around him.


Born on the Sky Island of Rhea, Crix lived in his home island with parents until it's destruction by the New Dawn Empire in 2553. Upon losing their home, Crix's family spent about three years in a refugee camp before being relocated to Nordland, one of the planets recent found by the UCR in the Milky Way. At some point in the 2560s, Crix left Nordland for Foire, eventually applying for citizenship and joining the Foire Army, becoming a member of a FV/M61F1 Main Battle Tank of the 606 Armored Battalion in 2573.

When the UCR' 8th Carrier Command Group left Foire in the midst of rising tensions with the UEG and Kaiju Attacks, the moon was attacked by a large pirate fleet. Although well equipped, Foire's small space force was overwhelmed. Crix's battalion was evacuated off world, and joined Princess Aselia's remnant group that would later be joined by colonist from Mako, who were contempt with the UCR, forming the Foire-Core Rebellion group. When a UCR force comprised of three naval sections arrived at Mako to diffuse the rebellion by diplomatic means, or to put them down if they refused to stand down and cooperate, Crix and a platoon from the 606 were deployed to Rima district, one of important transportaton hubs of the colony, to defend it from attackers. When negotiations failed, Rima district became one of the first sections to be attacked. Crix and his crew defended against increasingly heavy attacked from UCR Marines and Commandos, supported by Destroid Super Defenders, until a flanking squad of marines with Anti-tank missiles heavily damaged the tank his crew was in, knocking out the engines and turret mechanisms. When attempting to escape the now useless tank, another missile penetrated the ammo compartment, resulting in the ammo exploding and sending Crix, who just managed to get out, flying into a street 20-30 feet below.


  • Gas Production/Manipulation: Crix is able to create and release type of hallucinogenic gas from his skin. As it's name suggest, once inhaled the gas causes the target(s) to hallucinate or fall asleep. However, if too much of the gas is released and inhaled, the results could be fatal for those affected. He his also able to manipulate the gas' range, but at only at 20-25 meters.