7' 11"


375 lbs






Sangheilios/New Moscow

Saltine Edit

During the wraith attack long ago the Exon Red Army responded in an attempt to rescue as many elites as they possibly could. In the chaos and confusion a young sergeant by the name of Sukhoi Moskvin found a very yound and frightened sangheili child (Who most likely just watched most of his family get killied) hiding in a hole of the rubble of the old 'Vadam keep. In an unnatural turn of events (especially for someone as sadistic and as bad as a history with elites like Moskvin) Moskvin tried to get the elite out of the rubble to no avail. Finally he tried luring the small sangheili out with a cracker, the small elite crawled out and as he was munching away Moskvin took the elite to the evacuation ships. After failing to locate the elite's parents Moskvin took the elite under his wing and raised him himself along with his wife Natasha. He named the elite "Cracker".

Growing Up Edit

As Cracker grew up steadily as one of the first Sangheili in a human school who (although not as hardcore trained as most Sangheili) achieved suprisingly great grades and took heavy interest of becoming an emergency medical technician. Cracker grew up with little to no friends due to his shyness but would never dream of hurting anyone until the Exon Liberation Army was formed and being on of the few elites around with medical training he was conscripted as a Combat Medic with his "father's" Shock Guards squad.

History/Battles Edit

Battle of New Mosvka - Cracker was awarded mid-battle duration (About 3 months into the battle) with the Order of the Red Guard for saving multiple apocalypse tank crews and several infantry soldiers due to his quick speed and expertise.

Apollo Program - After his "father" was able to persuade Vaz to allow Cracker into the program, Cracker began his training in Delta Squad.

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