Sangheili Separatists using upgraded Exon technology.

November 2552 Edit

The Covenant Seperatists are a splinter break away faction from the once powerful Covenant Empire. They are mostly grunts and hunters led by Elites (Sangheili). They have no definite leader but the Arbiter or Thel 'Vadam is mostly seen as the leader and/or high ranking person. The former counselors and a couple other Sangheili high ranking personel such as Rtas 'Vadum are also seen as the leaderly type. During November 2552 near the end of the Battle of Instalation 05 these Sangheili and other species learned the truth of the halo insatlaitons and the agenda of the prophets thus ensuing a large Covenant civil war. 

End of the Covenant-Human war.Edit

After the war ended the arbiter agreed to ensure peace between the humans and elites for the greater good while also trying to stall civil war between his own race. Although the UNSC/ONI sought about after arming the rebelious side of the fight the seperatists stayed loyal to their agreement. 

Wraith attackEdit

After the wraith attack over Sangheilios, Exon tried to evacuate as many Sangheili as they could, despite their efforts casualties among the elites were enormous. For about 15 years the refugees stayed on Exon, until the  Exon Government started a movment to rebuild their planet. The UNSC, UCR, CMF, and of course Exon support this.  Sangheilios was eventually resettled and had a UNSC fleet over it to defend the planet.

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