The CSRD is a top secret section of the Cornerian Military. Handling secret projects, top secret intel, and other matters that are only for certian eyes. They create special weapons and other things that would benefit the military. Most of it only being revealed to high up Generals and a sect of the Governent. Known as the Central Office of Intelligence, or COI. Also called "Coi" as in the fish. But spelled with a "C".


The CSRD was created after the silent conflict between Corneria and a wealthy colony world of Colisus. The Colisusins were a very scientific community and used biological weapons. The Cornerians, after winning the war saw they would need a way to combat unknown threats. So the CSRD was created. But it soon went from a future weapon developing section to a top secret research division.


The complex is located underground in a undisclosed location and only told to officers cleared to know such information. The entire complex is located in a remote area on Corneria. 


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