A Contract, also know as a Pact, is an ancient form of magic that binds together two living beings. The union grants power to both participants, but a price is taken from each to balance what is gained. Once a contract is formed, there are only a few rare means available to break the established bond.


Established ContractsEdit

Participants Contract Contract Price Status Additional Notes
Goddess of Gods & The God of Darkness Active
Tatsumi Shinji & The Red Dragon The chance to become a hero. Tatsumi's life was subsumed by the Dragon, losing his sense of self to the power gained by the contract. Broken
Kido Shinji & The Red Dragon The chance to become a hero. Kido's memories are the catalyst for the fire the Dragon now breathes. Active
Tenna Westergård & The White Tiger Abilities to surpass her siblings and cousins. Tenna and her descendants will never be able to take the throne. Active
Grant Staley & The Green Chameleon To survive the UEG-UCR War and recover from his life-threatening wounds. Grant can no longer go home, and is forced to feed the Chameleon. Active
Asakura Takeshi  & The Purple Snake Power to rival any other magic-user. Asakura's mind is forefit to the Snake's whims and suggestions. Active

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