The Citadel Coalition is a long-term alliance plan between the Vanguard and Sangheilios, combining humanitarian and scientific aid to the Elite homeworld. In addition to operations such as moving the Traveler to Elite space temporarily to provide them with power and science, the two nations in question formed joint organizations.

Coalition Ranger CorpsEdit

Sugar bombs

A testament to the professionalism of the Rangers.

The Ranger Corps are a more official and military-based organization, taking the best of either Vanguard or Sangheili soldiers and giving them further training to become Rangers, the best of the Coalition Infantry aside N7. The Corps, unlike the Spectres, are designed to work in teams and in uniform.

Most often, the Rangers are equipped with longcoats, body armor, and helmets equipped with gas masks. Their weaponry is more variable, aside their revolver, the Ranger Sequoia.

Coalition Special Tactics and ReconaissanceEdit


A Spectre in a suit of armor adapted from equipment supplied to Heilians.

The Special Tactics and Reconaissance branch, or the Spectres, are much more variable than the Rangers and work individually, sometimes for assassinations, demolition ops, or even information retrieval.

Unlike Rangers, who work officially and on-record, the Spectres are essentially a Black Ops organization meant to do the more subtle work that their counterparts cannot. For that reason, there will never be an official uniform for the Spectres outside of a rarely-used logo. While the Rangers are entirely competent in the field of stealth, Spectres specialize in it, whether it be in a crowd or on a battlefield.

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