Circe Unit

Circe new



Before 2574

Led By


  • Athena (Leader)
  • Artemis
  • Ares
  • Hades
  • Ajax
  • Tesla (AI)

Preceded by

Zeta Unit


Special Forces


  • UCR Admiral Laux


  • UCR
  • UCR Armed Forces
    • UCR Spec Ops
      • Special Task Force A-01
        • Valkyrie Battalion



 The Circe Unit is a UCR Spec Ops unit and is the successor of the Zeta spec ops Unit from Generation 1. 


The Circe Unit was formed to replace the old Zeta Unit since their dissolution in Generation 1. Though smaller in size than Zeta (6 Spec ops and 15 Commandos made up Zeta while Circe only has 4 Spec Ops and 10 Commandos),the Circe Unit makes up for lack in numbers in Strategy and teamwork. The exact date of their formation is unknown but it was most likely before 2574. Unlike the Zeta Unit, the Circe Unit's primary objective is the Extermination of all former NDE biological/technological experiment sites scattered throughout the known galaxy before they fall into the wrong hands, or worse, the possible outbreak of said experiments.


The Circe Unit was dispatched to Eden to investigate a series of abnormalities on the Planet but their orders were changed once a group of commandos were engaged in a battle with the 4 Horsemen. The battle resulted in the death of Spec ops Eim but the 4 Horsemens Commander was also captured by the Circe Unit.

Spec Ops MissionsEdit

The team, along with a under covered UNSC Agent took part it numerous missions in "Wild Space". 


After Azrael's cover was blown, the other members of the 4 Horsemen and the UNSC Pacific were sent to rescue him. While on route to Wellow, the UCR Continuity was ambushed by the Pacific and cut in half. The 2 teams fought in the brig area, only for Circe to lose, with all of their Commandos dead, and 2 of their remaining Spec Ops wounded. The team was believed to be killed when the Continuity's reaction core exploded. Unbeknownst to the Horsemen, Circe unit was rescued by Lynx Unit, a second Spec Ops team stationed on the Continuity before it exploded. The Survivors of the Circe unit were transported to Wellow for treatment.


Officially, both units were killed when the Continuity was lost. Unofficially, both Units were transferred to the secret ARS training program and were given codenames to operate under, including a new member to join the unit.

ARS TestingEdit

Circe and Lynx unit were then transported to a undisclosed location to start testing of the prototype Spec Ops ARS. After the Phase I stage of the tests were completed, the users were then augmented to proceede with the Phase II stage.

Hunt for GraceEdit

During the late Summer of 2576, Circe Unit along with Urd Unit and the CMF's Lux Neptunia Team were tasked with hunting down Grace, who was believed to be in possession of a supposed Forerunner Artifact. During their assignment, the three units would often fight against Shadow Company, a rouge special operations group allied with Grace. Details of the operation remains classified.

New HorizonEdit

In October of 2576, Circe Unit and Marine Platoons of the UCR Stargazer were assigned to the destruction of research facilities left behind by the New Dawn Empire on the abandoned planet of New Horizon. During the Operation, Circe Unit was ambushed by the UNSC's 4 Horsemen, resulting in a battle between the two special forces groups. The battle ended with one of the Horsemen, Pestilence being killed by Circe's Hades. After the UNSC's retreat from the planet, Circe Unit completed their operation by destroying the last research facility of the planet.

TRM Civil WarEdit

During the TRM Civil War, Circe Unit took part in the retaking of Little Rock from Rebel Forces, as well as rescuing a Spec Ops asset who has been undercover on the planet before the Rebel Uprising. Circe Unit, along side the 72nd Marine Battalion and 24th Air Attack Brigade, retook the capital building later in the battle.

Peterson's captureEdit

Circe Unit would later return to Sigma to eliminate Rebel Forces there, and were credited with the capture of Peterson Snow, the leader of the Coup Forces, effectively ending the war.

Destroying AtlasEdit

A week later, Circe was deployed along side Vajra Unit and the 807th Marine Battalion were deployed to TRM Colony of Winterfell, assisting with the complete destruction of the terrorist organization known as Atlas. After the battle, the members of Circe were given two weeks of leave.

Battle against the DeathlessEdit

Circe Unit participated in the battle against the group of Pseudo-immortals called the Deathless in late 2577. Following the battle, a new group of Commandos were attached to Circe.

Squads and MembersEdit

Circe 1-1Edit

Four Spec Ops. Led by CDR. Heren Diseth. 

  • CDR. Heren "Athena" Diseth/ Foxtrot 13/22
  • LCDR. Leria "Artemis" Diseth/ Foxtrot 13/56
  • 1st LT. Burl "Hades" Invid/ Delta 12/65
  • 1st LT. Ksee "Ares" Cadar/ Foxtrot 13/19

Circe 1-2Edit

Five Commandos. Led by 1stSgt. Mar Waldin.

Circe 2-1Edit

Five Commandos. Led by GySgt. Gredar Shif


  • Augmented Reaction Suit
    • ARS Mk.1: Two of the Circe Commandos are equipped with the initial production version of the ARS.
    • ARS Mk.1 Mod.1: The Spec Ops of Circe makes use of a special version of the Mk.1 Suit. The Mod.11 utilize technologies that enhances the users hereditary and magical abilities.
    • ARS Infantry Mk.1: Three units.
    • ARS Heavy Attack: One unit.
  • M99 Mod 22: Improved variant of the older M99 Mod.20 suit. Features better shielding, improved armor durability, newer software, and a B.L.A.D.E system.

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