Circe Unit
Circe new

Date Formed

  • July 17th, 2561

Date Fragmented

  • April 22nd, 2576 (Reformed on August 10th, 2576)

Unit type

Special Forces

Commanding Officer(S)

  • Rear Admiral Ianar Ancim (Handler)
  • Captain Heren Diseth (Field Commander)


  • Commander Leria Diseth


  • Lieutenant Commander Burl Invid
  • Lieutenant 1st Grade Ksee Yaral




  • New United Nations Spacy
    • UCR Armed Forces
      • UCR Aerospace Forces
        • Aerospace Special Forces
 The 375th Special Reconnaissance Unit, more commonly known as the Circe Unit, is a UCR special forces team in the Aerospace Forces under the command of Captain Heren Diseth.


The Circe Unit was formed on July 17th 2561 as a component of the 120th Training Corps based on St.Hewlett Naval Academy in the Skyverse. The four member team was comprised of Cadets Leria and Heren Diseth (Ages 10), Cadet Eim Rendin (Age 11) and Lead Cadet Incen Tamaron (Age 13), all of whom were orphaned during the New Dawn Conflict and volunteered to become Spec Ops. The unit spent ten years learning about military history, training with and against veteran Commandos on small unit tactics, and honing on their different specializations, with the twins developing and honing their Aven abilities, Eim Rendin focusing on Ore bending magic, and Tamaron learning gravity magics.

On the 10th and final year of their training, Circe and the rest of the 120th were dropped with limited supplies on Corwin, a sky continent that had a wide array of different biomes which was used by the UCR to train their special forces. The cadets were given 2 weeks to reach the designated pick up spot on the other side of the continent, using what they've learned over the years and what ever they could find on the landmass to survive, while having to face hostile wildlife, squads of commandos supported by training droids who were present on the island to oppose the cadets' progress.

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Circe ActualEdit

  • Captain Heren "Athena" Diseth (Active) -
  • Commander Leria "Artemis" Diseth (Active) -
  • Lieutenant Commander Burl "Hades" Invid (Active) -
  • Lieutenant 1st Grade Ksee "Ares" Yaral (Active) -


  • Lieutenant Commander Incen "Lucan" Tamaron (KIA) - Former commander of the Circe Unit from 2561 to 2573. Killed at the Battle of Rhe'Ran in 2573 during the 2nd Extra-galactic War.
  • Lieutenant 1st Grade Eim "Gambit" Rendin (KIA) - Member of Circe since it's founding. Killed by Spartan A666 in 2575 during a skirmish on Eden.
  • Captain Eellor Daughtry (KIA) - Leader of the A-01 Commando Unit attached to Circe since 2571. Killed by members of the Four Horsemen on board the UCR Continuity on April 22nd 2576.