Prima Luce

The Capital of Cineris, Prima Luce

Cineris is a planet in the "North-Western" Quadrant of the Milky Way. It serves as the homeworld of The Cineris Military Force, and is the center of all CMF Space. It rests in a system where it is the only planet capable of life without the use of terraforming.

On Cineris the primary language is known as "Cinnamon English", due to the accent seeming to give speakers a relatively nice or kind tone. 

General InformationEdit

Cineris is a relatively small faction in the "North-West" sector of the Milky Way. Despite its size, it manages to keep up with other factions through highly efficient usage of resources, and the powerful military that results from it. The CMF tries to remain neutral, in the aspect of not going to war unless necessary, and tries its best to be at peace with other factions; this is a general rule however, as the CMF will also fiercely protect its allies should they be threatened.

Brief HistoryEdit

Cineris was originally a lone government in "wild space", powerful enough to sustain itself and it's handful of colonies, but not nearly enough to be comparable to the major factions of the Milky Way. After Church split from the UNSC and traveled here, however, he brought along his general knowledge of how the UNSC Navy operated at the time; this allowed the CMF to become more than what could be called an inter-stellar police force for its colonies. With Church's guidance, Cineris and its military gained powerful methods of operation, and soon evolved its own once it got the hang of things; it was after this that the CMF became a major factional power, with Cineris as its homeworld and Crown Jewel. 


As the home world of the entire CMF, Cineris is incredibly well defended; this is especially due to past experiences of failed planetary defense, when Cineris realized that defending a planet does not consist of stationing a few battle groups in orbit. Some of the defenses are as follow:

  • Orbital Defense Network: Like other faction home/important-worlds, Cineris is defended by a network of Orbital Defense Platforms, or ODPs. Each platform is equipped with a Super-MAC, a quickly reloading, ship killing Magnetic Acceleration Cannon that can eliminate most ships in as little as one shot. The ODP Network is set up all around Cineris, and have fail-safes installed in case of enemy attempts at hacking or disabling.
  • Cineris Home Fleet: The Cineris home fleet is considered one of the largest and most powerful fleets known to be assigned to a specific planet for defense, ever since it was strengthened following its defeat at the hands of the United Earth Government Navy many years ago. The CMF 1st (First) Fleet is the most powerful of the CMF's fleets, consisting of approximately 300 CMF Ships and the Navy's flagship, the CMF "Galahad" Super-Cruiser, as well as high performance ships such as the CMF "King Arthur" Babylon-Class CruiserValiant Liberation Class Cruisers, and the CMF Crimson Lotus. It is supported by the previously mentioned Orbital Defense Network.
  • CMF Army: Strengthening the already powerful ODN and CMF Home Fleet is the CMF Army. The Army, dedicated solely to planetary defense of CMF colonies, are the most elite troopers aside from Naval SPEC-OPs the CMF has to offer. Equipped with the best technology in the CMF arsenal, these forces form the final branch of the CMF Self Defense Force.

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