Cindy Moon


February 28, 2561




Secret Warriors



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"I know the challenges I face everyday with these powers, but as I once heard before, "with great power comes great responsibility."

Cindy Moon, or known as experiment S-17K, is a former UEG experiment with membership in the Secret Warriors.

History Edit

Cindy was born to a single mother in New York City on Earth. She grew up hearing tales of the mysterious hero known as Spider-Man. Determined to become a hero, she volunteered to become a part of an UEG experiment that was combining spider DNA with human DNA. Deemed a success, Moon was held in captivity as the scientists feared that their creation would not survive in the galaxy. Trapped for 5 years, Cindy learned how to use her new powers under the guidance of a Doctor Greene. She was set free by the scientists to give her a chance, and it was also at this point Cindy began to call herself Silk.

Present Day Edit

Silk began fighting the good fight across the universe, from smaller conflicts on small planets to major hub worlds, like Omega. Word of her heroism reached ARGUS and they sent Daisy Johnson to intercept Cindy to become a part of the Secret Warriors, which she gladly accepted.

Powers Edit

Spider Physiology - Silk has the powers of a spider, such as wall-crawling and the ability to produce organic webbing from her fingertips.

Spider-Sense - Dubbed "Silk-Sense", this allows Cindy to avoid most dangers which is triggered by a tingling sensation in her skull.