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None (originally blond)


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Cinder, originally known as Armin Peterson, is a pyromaniac turned Enhanced after he was given a test formula for a new drug.

Personality Edit

Since his mutation, the man known as Armin Peterson has split into two very differently personalities depending on his state of being. When not aflame, Armin is calm and introverted, more likely to crawl up into a ball and silently wait the day out. However, when he is around fire he becomes a crazed maniac, shouting out wise cracks and snide remarks as he has the time of his life burning everything around him.


Originally arrested after setting an apartment complex on fire and killing 25 people and causing severe third degree burns to many more, Armin was sentenced to execution by the courts.

However, a day before his execution. Armin and several other prisoners on death row were "purchased" by the company Ultratech for testing. Armin was used to test a new formula for Ultratech's drug called Magma, the affects of which would normally grant the user heightened strength and durability for a limited time, however this formula did something completely different Ultratech did not account for.

Once the drug was injected into Armin's blood stream it originally did as expected, increasing his muscle mass and heightening his durability, however after a few minutes his body temperature began to sky rocketed and Armin burst into flames. However instead of burning him, they appeared to naturally generate from his body. As well he was able to manipulate them to his will. With his new found powers he escaped the laboratory he was being tested in.

However before Armin, who had now taken to calling himself Cinder, could cause too much havoc he was intercepted by an undercover S.W.O.R.D agent, Jack Barton. By using cryogenic rounds, Agent Barton was able to subdue Cinder so the local authorities could arrest him.

Cinder was planned to be sent to ARGUS, however on the day of his delivery a riot allowed the pyromaniac to escape once again.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Fire Manipulation: Cinder's entire body generates fire constantly and Cinder is able to manipulate this fire, as well as any other sources of fire he may come across. He uses this ability offensively and to fly.
  • Superhuman Strength Cinder has tremendous strength as a result of the Magma formula which was injected into him, it allows him to preform feats of extreme strength.
  • Resistance to Ballistic Weaponry: Cinder's body is highly resistant to ballistic weaponry and explosions which can rang from but not limited to normal magnum bullets to even tank rounds. However specialized weaponry such as cryo rounds have a major effect on him as it represses in fire abilities.