Church's House in the Field

Church's House in "the field"

Church's Island is essentially a house in the middle of a large field. That field is surrounded by a large forest, and that forest is surrounded by the sea. It is where Church  and a few of his friends live. To travel to and from the island, Pelicans and various other forms of transportation are used. It is currently one of many islands in a safe haven for all CMF personnel who remained on the planet to try and combat the UNSC Invasion Force. They later agreed to not fight and the UNSC allowed them to live in this safe haven. 

The HouseEdit

The house itself lies around the center of the island. It houses Church and his various allies who need a place to stay. Underneath the house, however, is Church's giant underground fortress; He has countless things stored there, including some prototypes.

The House is able to defend itself with Anti-Air and Anti-Personel Turrets. It is assumed to have Anti-Vehicle capabilities, but they have not yet been shown. Unlike Church's old ships and such, his house does not have bad luck, and is efficient when defending itself and the island. It has a large radar system that scans everything within 500 miles of the island, and can even pick up stealth fighters and such. It has a large underground capable of storing a frigate sized ship.


Alongside Church, many people live in the house in his various guest rooms. His current guests are:

  • Celia  - Church's Daughter; she has her own bedroom.
  • Peashy Mas7er - Celia's adopted daughter; lives with Eli in the baby room.
  • Eligio Vito Mas7er Son of Church and Asa; lives in the baby room.
  • Mari - She lives in one of the good guest rooms.
  • Mercedes and John - Church's parents; they have their own bedroom like Celia.
  • Danno - Lives on an island near Church's; they are practically neighbors.

Defense SystemsEdit

The house has many defense systems, making it very hard to infiltrate:

  • Anti-Infantry Turrets - Turrets that defend against Infantry
  • Anti-Air Turrets - Powerful Rocket and Missile Turrets that can take down virtually any Aircraft
  • Anti-Vehicle Turrets - A Few oversized Railguns for destroying armored transport and attack platforms
  • Entire Platoon of dedicated ODST's - Dedicated, fully armed troops who live on and defend the Island
  • Lancelot Assault System - A powerful Mobile-Suit like armor/attack system that Church can pilot and use in emergencies
  • CMF Flaming Heart- A former UNSC Frigate and Church's first naval vessel. Although 15 years of non-use has rendered it no longer fit for combat, it is used as a transport for Church, and to avoid detection when going to and from the Galahad's battle group. 

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