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Personality Edit

Chung is a very friendly, energetic person, always smiling and willing to do his best at whatever lies ahead. However, this seems to hide his skewed view of his own self worth, constantly internally beating himself up for any failure, he may or may not have caused.

Early lifeEdit

Chung was originally part of the Seiker family, who were dedicated to protecting Hamel City from any attacks. Training from an early age to be like his father, Prince Seiker (His former title) held very high hopes for himself. When the city came under attack by enemy forces, and his father not only became indisposed but turned against his own people, Prince Seiker jumped at the chance to fight. He however, suffered a critical loss only being saved by the timely intervention of other combatants.

Unwilling to live with this failure, he cast off his title and began training to become stronger as Chung. 


Chung, began training with Raven and Elsword and would travel with them to other places. He was not present during the Battle of El, for some unknown reason.


After many early years of training, Chung is skilled in the use of a heavy set cannon known as "The Destroyer" , which can rapidly fire cannonballs or be used as a melee weapon, quickly knocking foes down. He also uses a second smaller weapon "The Silver Shooter", a lightweight pistol to quickly pick-off enemies "The Destroyer" can't.


  • Lunatic Blow -  Chung repeatedly pummels and blasts opponents with the Destroyer.
  • Detonation - Chung rushes forward and plunges the Destroyer into opponents, firing at them with a series of powerful cannon blasts.
  • Headshot - Chung aims and shoots once with the Silver Shooter and inflicts additional damage.
  • Sharpshooter Syndrome - Chung points the Silver Shooter up in the air and fires, releasing an aura of silver energy that encompasses a certain radius.
  • Shooting Star - Chung's most powerful attack, Chung launches 12 guided missiles from his cannon that explode upon impact.


  • Elsword - Chung is a good friend of Elswords, he often likes to prank him though. Even going as fair as taking his cannon and selling it.
  • Raven - Raven holds a good amount of respect for Chung, despite having some difficulty trusting his silence. He desires a spar with him.
  • Eve- They're both friends with each other, though their interactions are awkward at best. 
  • Rena-
  • Kaze-
  • Tenks-