Chris Hatchenson


Chris "SG" Hatchenson


Claims to be 23 (Exact age unknown)


  • Christophorus Pi Hatchenson
  • DEX-M unit 966912
  • Theta


  • Avengers Member
  • Minion of ANNET (Former)
  • DEX-M Hunter (Former)

Love Interests

  • IA (Former)
  • Epsilon (Former)
  • Entire Avengers Team


A former employee for the Good Directorate, Chris or as his call sign went "SG" was a part of the Dead Zone Tourism branch, acting as the pilot for the many trips. During one of these tours he and the rest of the crew were caught in a accidental explosion, leaving only one surviving member (Epsilon). However Chris was spared death by the technological wonders of the G-inc, converting him into a cyborg, or more precisely a "DEX-M Hunter". Fueled by a inner hate and a yandere stance on his former co-worker, Chris kidnapped IA, leading to a fight between Epsilon and himself; resulting in Epsilon's death. However, he was able to knock sense into Chris, who then bemoaned the loss of his supposed humanity and friend.

Recently he had been recruited by a S.W.O.R.D agent into joining the Avengers Initiative, a team dedicated to fighting against universal threats. He still tries to live his life to the fullest in honor of his fallen friend, as well as adjusting to a new life with his team-mates on board the S.W.O.R.D helicarrier.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

Originally only possessing rudimentary piloting skills and weapon training from his line of work, he gained cybernetic upgrades from the G-Directorate after his supposed "death" such as:

  • Increased Reflexes and Awareness: Having been augmented, Chris is able to use his senses far beyond those of a normal human,
  • Increased Strength and Endurance: Chris can easily lift twice his own body weight and exert the same motions without tiring.
  • Gun Proficiency: Having spent time as ANNET's attack dog, he has been known to wield both firing and explosive ammunition types proficiently.
  • Swordsmanship: Perhaps the most used out of his skills, with the use of his augments, Chris is able to skillfully use and attack with any kind of bladed weapon.
  • Hacking: Chris has shown the ability to reprogram (Or in the case it was shown, deprogram) other machines and androids, though it appears it requires him to be in physical contact with whatever machine he's trying to hack. 

Chris only keeps one weapon on hand at most times, a katana he found while tracking down Epsilon. He seems to have grown attached to it.

Relationships Edit

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