Cherno Gunboat



Ship Type

Light Cruiser/Gunboat


Dual Tiberium Cores


Ground support/Apocalypse deployment


300 meters


145 meters


Very Fast


Adequate, Great for its job

Light Cruiser Edit

The Chernogorsk Heavy Gunboat is a heavily modified and refitted former Covnenant CRS Light Cruiser. Due to its smaller size its been chosen for heavy low orbit battle assistance and mobile headquarters. Although a mostly Exon ship the Sangheili have been guarenteed their share for sending most of their former navy to Exon. The Cherno Gunboat was used heavily in the TRM resistance to the USSR.

Weapons and Refits Edit

Armor - Supplemental Tungsten and Reactive Armor placed on the outside of covenant nanolaminate armor.

Weapons - Hundreds of thousands of "Katyusha" rockets that are to be launched to the ground, former refitted covenant weapons, Energy projectors (Sangheilios Only, Exon utilizes the Heavy Cutting Beam taken from the sputniks), Heavy Onager MAC cannons.

Engines - Dual Tiberium Cores for shields and engines.


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