Charum Hakkor

Current Designation





Unidentified cities, non-forerunner


The planet Charum Hakkor later given the name Vinh is a large planet discovered by UNSC Science Teams. During initial scans it was found to be completely inhabitable, however there are entire abandoned cities across the planet. Later tests found what matched the signs of a enormous battle that took place and residue that matched the firing of a Halo ring.

Hundreds of ships were requested to the planet, first of all to guard it from the other factions and then to terraform the planet to a state of habitability. In the months that followed many pieces of technology were uncovered, some that were found to rival even Forerunner tech. These technologies were thoroughly researched and then modified for use spring 2575. Additionaly based on data from Requiem and and Forerunner data logs it is assumed that this planet was Charum Hakkor where ancient Humanity had its final stand and lost. 

Several scientific bases were set up on and above Charum Hakkor. Data from these bases were sent to Forge World where every ship was retrofitted with improved particle beam (glassing laser) and new incineration cannons.

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