Chairman Mashita

Full Name

Mashita Sakaguchi





Hair Colour


Eye Colour





Mashita Sakaguchi is the Chief Executive Officer of the Bandai Gunpla Battle Department and chairman of the Intergalactic Gunpla Tournaments.

Personality Edit

Mashita is a imbecilic simpleton whose success was attributed solely to the intellect of his secretary Sayumi and his slick of tongue. He cares not for the company he works for and is only interested in the money he owns so he can continue his life of luxury. But despite his dim wit, arrogance and laziness, he is unscrupulous and wouldn't hesitate to rely on underhanded tactics to achieve his goals.

History Edit

For a time Mashita was a con artist on the streets of Wellow, normally selling knock-off toys or faulty products barley making enough money to scrape by if it was not for his snake tongue. This changed when he met a girl called Sayumi, who, after at first taking pity on him and getting him on his feet leant her intellect to his "business". This proved to be a good choice as soon the two were moving up in the world and eventually found themselves working for Bandai.

Mashita (with the help of his now secretary Sayumi) became the Chief Executive Officer of the Gunpla Battle Department and chairman of the Intergalactic Gunpla Tournaments. However, his new found wealth and life of luxury are seemingly not enough and he is looking for a way to get more by rigging the 7th Intergalactic Gunpla Tournament for Ultratech's rep to win to earn their favour.

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