Central Galactic Empire

Date Established

September 4th, 2576


Military-Economic alliance

Member States


3000-4000 Ships


  • Audacity
  • Rodina (USSR)
  • MRN Fury
  • JSDF Yamato


The Citadel

Joint Operations

  • Raid on Nippon
  • Miridem raids
  • Project Apollo
  • Andromedan Expeditions

The Central Galactic Empire, or CGE, is an military-economic alliance of several nations and states spread across the Milky Way Galaxy.


At least formed in the name of peace, the Central Empire hopes to bring prosperity and order to the galaxy. The CGE was originally formed between the two formerly warring factions the United Soviet Space Republics and the United Earth Government, due to the belief that NUNs threats were empty and needed to be put into place. Although as the years pass differing factions have improved relations with one another causing some tension. However the CGE economic power is mainly what drives the Empire's factions to stay together.


The Central Galactic Economy is theorized to be driven by war and heavy mining expeditions. The way of heirarchy is extremely simple, the USSR provides veteran muscle while the UEG provides economical sound decisions and opportunities in turn. This ends in the UEG holding the majority of the galactic economy and logistic while the USSR holding the largest portion of raw materials for civilian infastructure and space craft building materials to distribute to the empire.

Military PowerEdit

The CGE, while mainly economic, is extremely martial. So much so to the extent that it satisfies Exon's warpath for honor and glory, while supplying a constant flow of Economy which drives the CGE's immense naval and invasion force power. (wip


Both Exon and the UEG have excellent intelligence branches in the Office of Naval Intelligence and the KGB both which are unparalleled by the NUNS.

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