Carter Hall is Fox McCloud's friend and second in command. He has served with Fox since the formation of the team and is one of the survivors of the Great Fox. He is a highly trained soldier of the Cornarian Army from Fox's solar system. He is the Cornarian Army's equivlient of the UNSC's ODST soldiers. They have similiar roles in their respective militaries. 

Carter Hall
Carter Hall
Carter during a operation







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Married to Selene Cortez, a crew member



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Carter grew up in the Cornarion capital city to a respective family. His father was a General in the Cornarian Army and his mother was a police officer for the Cornarian Metro-Police, or CMP for short. Carter went to the Cornarion Military Academy when he was a child and throughout his teenage years. After the Academy, he enlisted in the CA, or Cornarian Army. He started off as a infantrymen and after a year of being a soldier. He applied for the CA Special Forces. He would go to school to learn advanced warfare tactics, Orbital Insertian, Urban Infiltration, and a special fighting style known as SCES, or Special Combat Engagement System. Being
Carter as a Cornarion ODST

Carter as a Cornarian soldier

a graduate of the CMA, he entered the Army as a Captain. When he was 32 years old. He left the CA to join his child hood, Fox McCloud and his adopted fathers mercanary group. He has defended his homeworld dozens of times against all threats. As both a soldier of the CA, and a soldier of Fox's team. He has a romantic relationship with Selene Cortez. They met each other at the CMA.

Skills and WeaponsEdit

Carter is adept at combat. Being a special forces shock trooper. He is trained in SCES, or Special Combat Engagement System. He is taught to kill a combatant as soon as possible. His weapons consists of a assault rifle made for close to mid range engagements and a pistol. He also carries a combat knife. He is equipped with armor that is fitted with night optics, thermal optics, and target acquisition. The armor also makes him physically stronger and able to lift more, punch and kick harder, move faster, and jump higher. It is however, not equipped with shields. To compensate. The armor is thicker and able to withstand some small arms fire. Enough fire to allow him to move to cover. It is also rated for limited EVA.