Carrie-S712 is a Spartan-IV that entered service after the Didact's attack on Earth.


Carrie was originally a civillian living in Nevada. After the Didact's use of the Composer on New Phoenix, Arizona, she enlisted in the UNSC as a Spartan-IV. She hoped to be part of the team of fresh spartans to compliment the UNSC Infinity on their return to Requiem, but ultimately this was turned down.

She, along with a team of 5 other Spartan-IVs, including Obadiah, Jeremiah, and Lazarus, were assigned to a UNSC Station keeping Jul 'Mdama prisoner. When a small Covenant Remnant force attacked, she engaged the remnant forces with moderate skill.

However, when small infiltration teams were detected to be heading to vital parts of the station, including the capture zone, she was sent with Spartans Hank-S717 and Brian-S822 to eliminate these infiltrators. Unfortunately, on their way to the capture zone, the corridor they were travelling in via EVA was 6 meters from the port frigate engine which crashed into the station, and the Broadsword fighters were about to bomb it. Team commander Lazarus-S721 had too little time to alert the team, as Brian's harness malfunctioned and Hank moved on to assist him, Carrie ordered to remain behind. The resulting engine detonation ended in the assumption that all 3 Spartans had died, and were marked MIA.

Capture by the Covenant RemnantEdit

However, Carrie was the only member of the 3 left alive, albeit severely wounded. She slowly proceeded to the capture zone, where she managed to assassinate one single elite before she was tackled, and the capture zone was overwhelmed. Faced with death, Jul 'Mdama, now free, decided to spare her and torture her for information, and to study the Spartan-IV augmentations and their MJOLNIR Gen2 armor. 

A rescue mission to retrieve Carrie was tasked to the Horsemen, as well as to take control of the Covenant CAS-carrier Song of Retribution. Both tasks were accomplished but Carrie was executed by one of the Spartans temporarily assigned to Horsemen who had separate orders. Her body was returned to her family on Earth.


Carrie is a calm, quiet Spartan, and usually keeps to herself. While most treated her decently, she only had a select group of friends, including Jeremiah and Lazarus. It was rumored that perhaps she and Brian were having a thing, but it never evolved past a general, nervous interaction between each other, and soon that died down to a regular friendship between soldiers. Ironically, this was a mere 4 weeks before his death.


Carrie doesn't have very many impressive attributes outside standard Spartan-IV expectations. She has a strange habit of using Covenant weaponry over UNSC arms.



  • Combat knife
  • M6H Magnum
  • MA5D Assault Rifle


  • Type-1 antipersonnel grenade
  • Type-25 Directed energy pistol
  • Type-55 Directed energy rifle/advanced
  • Type-51 Carbine
  • Type-1 Directed energy weapon/sword
  • Type-50 Directed energy rifle/heavy (Occasionally)
  • Type-33 Light anti-armor weapon (Rarely)