Canon rock is a giant magic rock with everything about the RP written on it. If something is written on the rock it is now canon. Though many have tried it, it is impossible to destroy the canon rock.

Known things on the rockEdit

  • Banging the rock is not canon
  • Z is a blind power ranger. Mercenary. Kamina-Ripoff. Tucker.
  • Church has will eventually died. Finally!
  • Yoko has disappeared, and is away from the group.
  • Marquis is dead and part of his soul is in Impulse Unit 5.
  • Yuno was accidentally killed by Church during a fight, proving that he fails even when he wins.
  • Yoko singlehandedly took down Team Mas7er.
  • Yoko unsurprisingly beat Grif at video games.
  • Church regained his planet.
  • Sheer's name is Puak
  • Marq and Evo have one of the most awkward exchanges on Crossover ever. 
  • Kari will have a daughter.
  • Church has a small growing collection of swords; don't ask why.
  • Puak is trying to wipe out all apes.
  • Church couldn't kill Kirito, Church is now dead.
  • Add can only communicate in perverted sentences.
  • Septem is a Dense Mother Fucker.
  • Julia is the Pun Master of Cross
  • AK is the Dad Joke Master of Cross
  • And one day, one phrase shall ring across all lands. That phrase shall be "Goose Goose, Motherfucker!" 
  • the Aquas Saiyans have finally been defeated and will no longer come back.
  • Wang Calamari
  • A.M. will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever come back.
    • ...right?
  • TRM got Frigged
  • "Wort wort bang dick" - Stacker on the Sangheili language
  • Stacker bum rushed a Kawachi in a fishing boat and saved the day
  • Stacker Grace is best pirate.
  • Vanguard has the good shit.
  • If you look up "Murphy's Law" in the dictionary, you get a picture of Cineris.
  • Church has no dick.
  • Bitches keep touching my rock.
  • Church is a post-op transexuel
  • Jan 21 forever to be known as Strawberry day
  • AK was killed by mole rats


  • Tort, the Mas7er Family turtle, is one with Creation, a wonderful yet inactive God that we all truly deserve.
  • Church had his heart ripped out and put into Oryx's Sword by Evo. It was thrown into a volcano.
  • Church in a CFA-44 lost to Evo who was in a F-16. Truely a tragedy.
  • The Statement Below This Is True.
  • The Statement Above This Is False.
  • Church received GoLove's blessing a mere 48 hours before 2nd Fall. It didn't help.
  • The Power of Song shall Echo throughout the Galaxy.
  • Bitches are still touching my rock.
  • February 24th is the second coming of Strawberry Day
  • FemAK is best girl.

There are several hundred other things written on the rock, more which appears when events occur.

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