Crimson Lotus Class Cruiser
CMF Crimson Lotus
The Crimson Lotus in Orbit

Known Ships

  • CMF "Crimson Lotus"
  • CMF "Towards The Sun"
  • CMF "Golden Star"


3000 Meters


  • Super-MAC
  • Dual Ion Cannons
  • CRAC System
  • M6A3 PDL Array



Commodore Hewie




Cineris Military Force Navy

The Crimson Lotus Class cruiser are advanced multi-roll CMF assault ships. They can also perform fleet support roles, boosting the power of whichever battle-group they are assigned to. 


The CMF, realizing that many other factions in the Milky Way had multiple large scale Capital Warships, realized that it's own small handfull may not be enough. To compensate for this, the Crimson Lotus Class was born; the goal of the Crimson Lotus ships were to create multirole, Fleet-Support ships powerful enough to compensate for only a few being created. The Crimson Lotus Class support the CMF Home Fleet in orbit above Cineris.

Equipment / TechnologyEdit


  • Super MAC: The main cannon of the Crimson Lotus class. Normally found mounted upon ODPs in orbit above important planets, this gigantic Magnetic Accelerator Cannon fires rounds with enough energy to eliminate almost any ship that crosses it's line of fire in one shot, with enough energy to potentially cripple more ships behind it.
  • Dual Ion Cannons: Secondary Cannons of the Crimson Lotus class. Each cannon fires a high-intensity beam of energy that builds up as it strikes the target, gettting progressively stronger until the cannon stops firing. Once the firing sequence is ended, the built up energy explodes in a large EMP-discharge, further damaging the target. The EMP effect can eliminate any remaining weakened shielding, and can spread into the target if large enough structural damage is caused by the initial attack. The long recharge time is made up for by the utilzation of two cannons.
  • CRAC Anti-Shielding Array: Based on the CRAC System aboard the CMF Galahad, this array consists of multiple "cannons" that emit high-intensity radiation waves. While doing little to no damage to hulls and physical objects, these cannons are extremely effetive against even the toughest shielding. The multiple cannons can target many ships at once, but can also be focused upon one target for large threats such as enemy super cruisers.
  • Super-Tomahawk Ship-Ship Missiles: The standard CMF Ship-to-Ship missile. Guided by internal NAV systems, and accessible by friendly Ship-AI from anywhere on the battlefield, these missiles pack a punch and can be very accurate.
  • M6A3 PDL Array: For Anti-Aircraft roles and defense against threats such as missile, the Crimson Lotus is equipped with a full array of M6A3 Pulse Lasers, top of the line CMF point defense weapons.

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