Auspicious-Phoenix Class Space Carrier
CMF Auspicious Phoenix


CMF Navy


Assault Carrier


  • Mass Aircraft Deployment
  • Planetary Assault/Defense
  • Fleet Attack/Defense


  • 3.5 km long
  • 1.4 km across
  • 1.7 km tall


PTS & Slipspace Drives

The Auspicious-Phoenix Class of Space-Carriers is the CMF's newest class of Space Carriers, and is starting to phase out the older space carriers within the various fleets

Developement / HistoryEdit

The Auspicious-Phoenix class space carriers were produced to replace the original aging space carriers of the CMF Navy. By 2579 all such older carriers had bene fully replaced by the Auspicious-Phoenix Class, which was designed to last longer in a battle and to be able to defend itself against enemy ships if necessary.


  • Aircraft
  • Weaponry
    • 2 x 3 Heavy Anti-Ship Beam Cannons: Six Heavy Anti-Ship Beam Cannons atop the Carrier, set up as two triple-mounted turrets. The ship's main armament against enemy ships that come too close, or when the carrier must provide its own fire support. The cannons can be overcharged to act as pseudo-Ultra-Heavy cannons as well. 
    • 1 x Ultra-Heavy Beam Cannon: Mounted at the back of the Carrier, this cannon is the strongest offensive weapon mounted on the Auspicious-Phoenix. When fully charged, it can provide incredibly heavy damage to the shields or hull of most ships. 
    • 14 x Mass Drivers: The secondary guns of the carrier, these guns are not as strong as the Heavy and ultra-Heavy beam cannons, but are numerous and powerful enough to defend itself from both enemy ships and smaller crafts.
    • Super-Tomahawk Anti-Ship Missiles: Standard Anti-Ship missiles of the CMF Naval Forces. While individually powerful enough to cause notable damage to unshielded hull with proepr placement, these missiles are generally fired in large numbers to increase the chances of making it through enemy anti-missile defenses. 
    • Micro-Missile Launchers: Along the hull of the carrier are places innumerable launchers for Micro-Missiles to supplement Anti-Air defenses from enemy aircraft. Generally used in tandem with the M6A3 network to force enemy aircraft to keep their distance.
    • 35 x M6A3 Lasers: Standard CMF AA Lasers, the M6A3 guns generally use guidance provided by the ship's A.I. to provide extremely accurate Point-Defense against incoming threats such as enemy missiles and aircraft. Unlike beam guns, the M6A3 fires high-energy Lasers to almost-instantaneously allow the weapon to hit its target(s). The M6A3's can also be used en masse to harass smaller ships.
  • Defensive
    • Layered Energy Shielding: As with most CMF Naval vessels with shielding, the Auspicious-Phoenix's shields have two layers; e general purpose energy shield around the entire vessel, and a layer of directional hardlight which can be adjusted to provide shielding to specific parts of the ship or the ship as a whole. 

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