The End of the Line.

The "End of the Line"




Exon Red Navy

Current Affiliation



Several Thousand

Ship Type

Heavy Cruiser


3,000+ meters

The Space AkulaEdit

Utilizing the crew of the decommissioned Red Oktober and a lot of extreme experience crew members who ironically have have lots of experience against pirates the End of the Line is a dangerous up to date ERA Reverence Cruiser that was "stolen" from the ERA ship yards and commissioned technically by the Exon government to travel through other faction's territory and destroy black market frigates that were supplying the ELA but contact with the Exon government hasn't been made in a long time. This is a dangerous threat that Exon seeks to eliminate. 

Covenant ServiceEdit

The End of the Line was first commissioned by the covenant (name was changed upon entering service with Exon). Not much is known on exactly what it did during Covenant service.

Exon Refit Edit

After a 2 year long refit period she was given new a small hangar and up to date hardlight and new pulse lazer turrets. She's also been given akula missle silos (archers designed to explode and harm shields and the outside of ships not really meant for penetration.

Part of the Ship. Part of the Crew Edit

The End of the Line consists of mostly Irish and Russian humans and Exon Sangheili. The crew is extremely highly spirited, it is rumored that the entire crew will even sing "Sea Shanties" together. The crew never questions the captain and follows his orders to the word.


  • 2 Energy Projector Units - Tiberium and Plasma mixture, extremely radioactive. 
  • Heavy Guass Flak Cannons - Put all along the sides and spaced from the hull enlarging the carrier slightly but with an extra 100 guns on each side that add large shock damage shaking ships and heavily damaging non shielded ships.
  • A full Complement of Bad Company marines heavily trained in CQC with 5 Sangheili havoc users among them. 
  • Experienced former Exon Red Navy personnel
  • 3 Forward mounted plasma torpedo tubes along with 7 latterally mounted tubes.
  • Heavily fortified armor and shielding (Blue tiberium reactors able to power all the shields and weaponry at the same time bringing everything and full sheilding to bear).
  • 1 Small wing of Venum attack fighters (3).
  • Some of the best engineers the galaxy has to offer to get the most out of it's engines. These engineers were collected out of apocalypse tanks crews that lost their tank, venezian front combat engieers, etc.
  • 4 (two on each side) light 203 mm draco coil guns (Weak against shields but will hole ships, they take a while to reload).

ELA ShippingEdit

The ELA has taken huge losses in shipping and has evaded Sangheilios' navy for some time. The Citadel has also been taking losses in reguards to it's shipping and found on the citadel blackmarket weeks later.

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