Kamina Blastoise


Squirtle, Wartortle, Shellshocker






188.5 lbs


Water Cannons

 Blastoise is a pokemon that travelled to Primverse through a rift and become a professional hitman.


As a Squirtle in Pokeverse, Squirtile lead his own team of other Squirtles known as the Squirle Squad and caused havoc in Vermilion city. Enough that even Lt.Surge (the local gym leader) could not deal with them even with his powerful electric types. However one day a rift in time and space opened up and Squirtle fell in, the portal messing with his genetic code making him much more intelligent, allowing him to speak and think like a human.

Upon arriving in Primverse Squirtle fell back into his criminal ways soon and started using his intelligence and power to because a very good killer for hire, even once taking a contract to kill certain members of the Adventure Group, though he did not manage too and eventually gave up on the hit all together.

Through the years Squirtle eventually evolved into Wartortle and not long after evolving into his final form, Blastoise giving him accesses to power water cannons which are able to pump gallons of water so strong that they can cut through thick steel and a stronger shell which is almost impervious to attack.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Hydro Pump - Blastoise fires two powerful jets of water from its cannons which are so strong they can cut through thick steel.
  • Hydro Cannon - Blastoise fires two powerful orbs of water from its cannons which can hit which more strength and power than Hydro Pump but takes more energy.
  • Skull Bash - Blastoise ducks his head into his shell and tackles into an oppenant and slams them with it, causing major damage.
  • Rapid Spin - Blastoise pulls his head, arms, legs and cannons into his shell and spins like a disc. It can either deflect an opponent's attack or spins into the opponent.