The Black Bunny Brigade Logo.

The Black Bunny Brigade is a freelance mercenary group, they will normally work for whoever pays them the most (like most mercenaries) which will often cause the group to which sides mid battle due to their enemies offering a bigger sum.

Lead by the mysterious Blackjack O'hare, not much is known about the group other than they seem to go unnoticed on the battlefield. Normally they will talk to employers over video rather than meeting in person.

They often change location to avoid capture by the law, currently though they are located in Omega.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Not much is currently known about the origins of the Black Bunny Brigade, other than their mysterious focus on rabbits.


  • Thermal Imaging Helmet - All members of the group share similar gear, one of which being the thermal imaging helmets. As the name suggest, it allows them to see heat signatures. However they also have other functions, such as night vision and basic heads-up displays.
  • Laser Weaponry - The Black Bunny Brigade will normally use an assortment of laser based weaponry, be it pistol, rifle, turret or sniper. However they are known to use any weaponry their employer happens to give them.

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