"Were on a elevator to hell goin' down" - Lieutenat Hudson before a hot drop.


Hudson in Bad Company armor.

The "ultimate" bad assEdit

Hudson is a young, cocky, robust, marine who enjoys having fun but works extremely hard. He has helped design most of Bad Company's weapons and ammunition. His armor is known for having "The Ultimate Bad Ass" scrawled into the back. He gets flustered easily but remains cool in most situations.

Bad CompanyEdit

Hudson is the creator of Bad Company. He got the idea when looking through the UNSC brig. He hand picked 4 prisoners first for Bad Company: Thel 'Chavam (Spying, espionage), Viktor Vasily Reznov (exploding 2 warthogs, hitting a supperior officer, insubordination, and much more), Rodger Speirs (shooting innie prisoners), and James Hicks (Worked with Reznov). He used these four as the first operators of Bad Company as of today there are 79 people in Bad Company.

Colonial MarinesEdit

He also picked people from the brig that were apart of the USS Sulaco incident. Most of these people are part of the elite of Bad Company (Whiskey Team).
Private Hudson by doorstopPhotos

Hudson heroically holding back xenomorphs... and somehow survived

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