Benjamin "Ben" Giruad was a journalist, notable war photographer and civilian contractor for the Office of Naval Intelligence's Section Two propaganda arm. Late in the war he witnessed the Master Chief in action at New Mombassa which led him to create a series of biographical stories on the Spartan. As he digged for relevant information with ONI clearance, he gradually began to unravel the secrets of the Spartan-II program. He attempted to reveal this information to the public but for the sake of preserving national security, ONI silenced him.



Following Ben's downfall as a conspiracy nut, officially he was taken to a mental ward for treatment. In reality he was imprisoned in an ONI maximum security station. He would later be voluntarily given to Exon for their gulag work camps during one of the UEG's many purges of their penal system. As for his associate, Petra Janecek who attempted to continue his work, she was found dead in an apparent suicide.

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