Bat-Devil 007


Did I mention I like to play with fire?

-Bat-Devil to the Riddler


Not much is known about the young man behind the mask, except for the fact he appears to have known Batman before his mysterious dissapearence and (to his own admittence) may have had a hand in it, but this has yet to be proven. He also appears to have an obsession with being a dentist and fire, what this means for Gotham has yet to be seen.

Tumblr ltp46sK0tT1r23y1oo1 500

Ok Bats when I say to brush...I mean it.


Bat-Devil wears a slightly modified version of the Bat-Suit which allows him to withstand various blows from small fire-arms and blunt objects. In addition to helping him survive in hot tempertures that would normaly kill a unsuited person.

He carries around a utility belt like the original but his seems to have less then remakable items stored within it. His main weapon of choice is his nicknamed "Fire-gun" which can shoot controlled burst of flames for a short distance.

Possible futureEdit

To his own admittence, Bat-Devil fears that Batman or one of his sidekicks may finally come to their senses and kill him off.
Bat-Devil 006

A possible scenario

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