Basil Karlo


September 12th 2542







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  • UCR (formally)
  • Unknown Organisation

Basil Karlo is a former UCR scientists who left to work with Wolfgang von Strucker.


Basil is a intelligent young mind who is capable of great things, like his peer he can create marvellous inventions that could of aided the modern world if it was not for the path he went down. He is not as angry as his partner and is somewhat more restrained when it comes to violence.


Early HistoryEdit

Basil was a child prodigy when he younger and went to several high class colleges and universities before he joined the UCR and became one of the leading minds in the science division and worked on numerous projects up until Wolfgang von Strucker joined his sector. Wolfgang shared stories with Basil about his ideal world and his true cause in life, Basil was taken by this concept and left the UCR when Wolfgang was fired for unauthorized experiments on living people.

The Deadly TrialEdit

After years of work and close run in with the law the two eventually came under the watch of S.W.O.R.D. Basil and Wolfgang used the funds they earned from building weapons and computers for organizations and started buying equipment and deadly chemicals which were delivered to a warehouse in a city on the planet of Nordland. Their goal was to turn the chemicals into a deadly gas which would spread across the city, killing everyone and apparently only leaving the "intelligent and prosperous" alive. However this was put to and end when the reserve Avenger, Kido Shinji arrived at their warehouse. While his peer tried to kill Kido, Basil continued his work to activate the machine. After awhile, Kido started trying to destroy the main computer and Basil tackled him away meanwhile Wolfgang aimed at the pair with intent to kill Kido, even if it means killing Basil. To protect him, Kido pushed Basil away which caused his to fall over the railing and hang above the vat of chemicals and eventually fell in and died when Kido's summon, Dragreder, set the vat alright in order to prevent it from venting into the city.

After Wolfgang was defeated and the warehouse burned down, S.W.O.R.D started cleaning the area and collecting data on what they were doing. From one of the vats a brown, clay like subsistence slithered out and started to form into a hand.