Head of Arimiger Corporations United Edit

Avtomat Kalashnikova Azimov




Early 40s




6' 1"


195 lbs



Noticeable Features

Scars on face from human covenant war, eye patch.

A hard working man born on the human colony world of Harvest (Feb 3, 2525 the day the war began). He was conceived the day of the first Covenant invasion being immediately separated from his parents who were forced to take a different transport that was ultimately shot down. He was then raised in several refugee camps by his sister and a fellow refugee (who was later killed in yet another invasion) and stealing to earn a living, after he turned 18 he immediatly signed with the UNSC to get revenge against the Covenant that killed his parents. After fighting nearly 9 years he finally retired from the UNSC after the war and somewhere along the line ended up on Exon fighting against the UNSC for independance, this time manufacturing the large ADK-57 made for Sangheili chambered in 12.7 mm. He began his career as a simple arms designer after Exon gained it's independence and started becoming very renown.

Birth of the corporation Edit

Azimov improved on several designs of older Exon weapons ultimately designing extremely detailed projects such as the smartgun (While he still worked for Wey-Yu when it was still a majority company) and improving upon the pulse rifle using very scientifically enhanced alloys in his weapons making them extremely tough, durable, and reliable. After a major disagreement with the company's owner over certain experiments on Sangheili he quit and with his close group of scientists created Exon's finest arms manufacturer and arms distribution company named Armiger, a latin name meaning "arms-bearer". Now he works closely with Exon's and Sangheilios' greatest scientific minds paired with top teir covenant and old forerunner machines to learn/use to make his new weapons, ships, and vehicles.