Fuck this school.

Ava Orlova

Full Name

Ava Antalya Orlova




July 4, 2561


Enhanced Human





Hair Color


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Ava Antalya Orlova is a seventeen year old former convict who wanted a new life by being enrolled into the Kane Academy for the Enhanced.

History Edit

Ava didn't have the glamorous lifestyle most people of Eden enjoyed. She grew up in a shanty apartment with her parents, barely surviving on food scraps her mother brought her from work. When Ava was seven, both of her parents died in an apartment fire. Forced to live on her own, Ava lived in the streets, constantly begging for food and shelter. At the age of 14, A group of men attacked Ava. However, she was "rescued" by the villain Alphanumeric, but Alpha had other plans for the girl. Ava soon learned of these plans and retaliated against her savior, barely beating Alpha in a fight to escape.

Ava realized her luck and thought she was like her role model, Natasha Romanoff, otherwise known as the Black Widow. Honoring her role model, Ava stole gear from an UCR depot to help her in her fight for "justice" under the moniker Red Widow. Her actions, however, did not go unnoticed. She got under ARGUS's radar for her crimes of trespassing on numerous military complexes and use of excessive force. She was captured by ARGUS for the sole purpose of rehabilitation. They enrolled her in the Kane Academy for the Enhanced for her own benefit.

Current Life Edit

Ava attends the Academy in exchange to make up the time of her crimes. All the students do not know of her past. All they know is that she's a mean poor girl from Eden to get a education.

Personality Edit

"Sometimes I keep my cool. Sometimes I lose it. I am only human, aren't I?"

Ava is a edgy teen who doesn't like to socialize with others, as she is often called a loner and a freak behind her back, as she scares most of the students with her powers and attitude.

Powers, Abilities, and Equipment Edit

Powers Edit

Electrical Powers- Ava is able to channel electricity through her weapons.

Abilities Edit

Efficient Combatant- By her own surprise, Ava can hold up against opponents taller and stronger than her.

Swordmanship- It's still unknown where Ava learned how to use swords.

Equipment Edit

UCR Gear- Ava first acquired her tools when she raided an depot looking for equipment.

Twin Sabers- Pride and Justice, Ava's named twin sabers she uses for combat that come with a extendable and retractable feature as well as being able to channel her powers through them.