Authoritive Transposer (A.T.) is a Forerunner Ancilla, or AI. It assists Danno in his projects, and also manages
Forerunner ai

Authoritive Transposer's default Forerunner Avatar

much of his Forerunner possessions. Despite it's unyielding assistance, there may be small signs of the unit exhibiting 'actions of a certain independance.


<Currently Unknown>


Authoritive Transposer was first activated some time before Danno sealed himself within his Cryptum somewhere inside Earth. After his revival and Transposer reactivating, they collected a pair of humans (One an ODST from the UNSC and the other a survivor of a Fallout initiative), Danno began to reactivate his deactivated Forerunner Constructs.

Fall of Mitsubi

Authoritive Transposer


Transposer and Danno witnessed the passing of Saiyan Mitsubi and Tenk's reaction to this event. They continued to reactivate what Forerunner constructs remained on the world; Transposer, however, began to show signs of a deeper plan it was formulating. What this plan is remains unknown.

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