Undermining PowerEdit

Augustus Megnsk is known and feared throughout Exon and her absorbed colonies for his ruthlessness, power addict, greed, and more importantly his invasion plans for anything that seems sentinent. Megnsk is a master manipulator constantly twisting stories, reasons, stabbing political people in the back, and black mailing his competiton enabling him to hold Exon's arguably highest position in the government.


Megnsk's manipulation reaches as far as to Exon's leader Noah 'Chavam. His manipulation usually leads to disaperances of people that are of threat or higher standards then him or even to global invasion and genocide (such as the ruthless Aqua invasion and seizing). Megnsk however does add an extreme amount to Exon's treasury through invasion and working side by side with Exon's infamous black market which dishes out the largest number of arms to rebels and corrupt governments in the galaxy. 

Military AdvancesEdit

Megnsk largely modernized Exon's military making it second to none concerning ground forces.

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