Princess Aselia


Date of Birth

July 17, 2561





Eye colour


Hair colour


Love Interests




Born on Eden in 2561 Aselia was born into a family looking to be independent of the UCR. They and some others settled on an uninhabited planet where Aselias father proclaimed himself as the Monarch. Growing up Aselia was taught by her mother and often helped out her father with royal duties due to him being somewhat dimwitted. She also played around with the royal guards captain for fun.

Around 2574 to 2575 the region experienced unrest as a result of the UCR who protected Foire under contract leaving to protect her colonies from the UEG. Pirates would conduct raids on Foire, eventually ganging up against the planets meager defenses. Aselias parents were killed during the pirate invasion whilst allowing their daughter to flee. Aselia assumed the throne and took the remnants of Foires military join to nearby Mako hoping for them to aid her. Unfortunately they asked her for help to go against the UCR, believing they abandoned Mako. She reluctantly agreed and fought in a short-lived rebellion. In the end the rebellion was quelled and Aselia surrendered. Aselia was brought back home by the UCR as they exterminated the pirates. The newly formed UCR government allowed her to stay though under the condition she abdicate. She refused and left.

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