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36 (2578)

Date of Birth

May 6, 2542

Eye color


Hair Color





UEG, Cineris




Having endured Churchs lack of awareness and buffoonery should tell a lot.


Asa Ishihara was born Concord, a UEG colony that was left mostly untouched. 

In 2554 Asa's father brought her to visit one of the planets he was working on. She met Asuna and Church there while they were not battling some evil force in the universe. She tagged along with the two for the day. As they departed, her hand touched Evo's and Asa turned into a sword. From there on shes been bound to Evo as her soul weapon, taking part in conflicts together.

Gradually over the span of the AG Asa grew attached to Church. However before anything he disappeared for roughly 15 years, occasionally showing up for a short time and leaving again. In the time that the AG broke up she stuck around with Asuna and took up teaching. When Church did reappear, Asa made an advance on him, married and they had Eli shortly afterwards. She lived with Church and his daughter Celia on Cineris.

Cineris 2nd FallEdit

On October 30, 2578 Cineris came under attack by something. Asa took Celia and Eli underneath their home hoping that her husbands forces would be enough to repell whatever was attacking. Unfortunately Cineris was crushed when The Denizen appeared leading to the planets fall and Church's death. When everything stopped making sounds, Asa went to check and found the sky filled with the debris of two hundred ships and a crater where there was once a city. Not too long after the Fall finished, Asa was rescued by Asuna. They found Church's lifeless armor with a sword. WIPy

While Cineris rebuilt Asa lived on Earth for a while. She also had Churchs second child, Sola in July 2579. She frequently goes between Earth and Cineris. 


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