Advances in TechnologyEdit

Armiger is Exon's highest technological millitary technicians. Armiger is the number one reason why Exon's security is second to none and why their intelligence services are so good. Formerly called Iruiru Armories since the recent buy-out and rebuilding from Exon they have changed their name to Armiger.

Former Covenant ServiceEdit

Formerly the Covenant's main source of munitions (although back then they weren't called armiger and they weren't payed) they have been bought out and tasked with producing Exon's weapons and advancments in technology. Now since their no religious hold back and they aren't short on funding they have no problem producing better weapons.

ORIONs beltEdit

Orion's belt is a single belt around the entire planet of Exon. It is a giant instalation that will allow aircraft to pass through the Iron Curtain without being harmed. It can also choose where teleporting or objects passing through the Iron Curtain will end up. (Usually in the asteroid belt where they'll be destroyed). In order to get onto Exon something needs to dock, be check completely, and pass through the biometric scan to get into orbit with Exon.

Biometric Scanning Binary AAEdit

Using the same technology used in the promethean Binary rifle and ORION, Armiger was able to combine all these and create an expensive but working Anti-Aircraft system capable of scanning the air-craft and identifying its contents and passengers after running the necessary checks and will be able to fire a single hardlight binary lazer that will destroy the air-craft without detonating whatever is inside. It can also shoot down warheads and nuclear devices before they reach their detonation height. 

Armiger HAVOC armorEdit

The HAVOC armor is a Sangheili answer to the SPARTAN armor. With twice the power and sheild durrabilty these jump jet assissted elites can strike hard and fast and retreat before the enemy can do anything about it. The Exon ghost Heavies enjoy this armor. It is also compatible with Turians aboard the Citadel and Exon security. 

Small ArmsEdit

Plasma modulation devices, Tiberium infusions, and larger in-field replaceable charges are what makes armiger covenant weapons special. Not only will the plasma fly faster and burn more it also has a sickening effect much like the Covenant Carbine's radiation rounds.

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