Armiger United Corporations Edit

After having down time from war production Thel 'Vadam himself was asked what kind of pistol he would like produced. He wanted a powerful, accurate, useful sidearm, that can be used to penetrate shields of brutes in a single round. Expecting them to take years to come up with the technology his hopes weren't exactly high but almost a month later a prototype by the name of the X-143 came to him via Armiger represenatives.

Specs Edit

The "Judge" (Thel's name for it) uses a .500 magnum round in a revolver format making it reliable at the same time. The round uses practically a miniuture proton torpedo as the projectile that gets propelled by the massive 500 grain round. The round in guarenteed to go through most shielding it encounters and is more then enough to kill a brute chieftain in a single shot. Although there is only 5 prototypes at the moment the 4,000 credit material production cost sided with the extremely expensive ammunition cost makes this a weapon solely for protecting VIPs. but the technolgy will most likely be used in the future
Ns revolver fan rework by myzik-d5rvnef

The break action reloading system

. The final market value after production of the gun comes to an outragous 7,500 credit mark. The ammuntion is almost 100 credits a peice. The gun is produced at a plant named NS.

Action Edit

The Pistol uses a revolver break action making it reliable and fast to reload if needed but still retaining its power.

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