Area 12
Military base


  • Talvi Ajon Mountains, Alkonost


  • UCR Armed Forces
    • Strategic Naval Research Institute


  • Research and Cloning facility
  • Training Facility
  • Air Defense Base
  • Forward Operating Base


  • TW1-HPC/M25 Quantum Beam Cannons
  • D23 Anti-Infantry Weapons System
  • Nikols Air Defense Missile System

Known Sections

  • Dezal Radar Station
  • Battery Vorta
  • Cloning Chambers Ilan
  • Cloning Chambers Alacity
  • Educational Complex(s) 1-3



 Area 12, also known as the Sunlit Garden for those who were born and trained there, is a remote UCR base located in the Aurelian continent of Alkonost. Officially, Area 12 serves as a forward operating base for quick reaction forces to deploy to nearby cities such as Griswall.

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