Archangel class


  • Ragnarok


  • 50m Titanium A, Inconel A and Steel alloy
  • Hardlight Shields


  • 1 Enhanced Macross Cannon
  • 2 MAC cannons
  • 300 Arc Energy Cannons
  • 250 Anti Armor Pulse Cannons
  • 200 Assault Tentacles


  • 500 Defense VI systems
  • 400 Attack AI systems
  • Ragnarok


8 miles


1050 meters

 The Archangel was a super dreadnought like ship controlled and created by ALIEN. It was based of the prototype model The Fallen Angel . Its 8 miles long making it one of the biggest ship owned by the UNSC. It is crewed only by VI and AI systems meaning that the entire contents of the ship is machinery making it highly advanced.

The Archangels main tactic when attacking is to fire AI controlled Assault Tentacles which drill into a ships armor and drains it of its power and data while it tears the ship apart. It then bombards the ship with the cannons lined on its underbelly, finally its destroys the ship with its enhanced Macross cannon.

Major EngagementsEdit

On the Archangels test run it successfully lured out the CMF Galahad and almost destroyed the entire ship. It left what was left of the ship to crash into a nearby moon before it exited the area.

The Archangel took part in the defense of Earth from the UCR, Exon, GoH and CMF in which it managed to take down multiple flag ships and cruisers until it had to exit the battle for an unknown reason.

While docked at ALIEN's research facility the Archangel's A.I Ragnarok was unshackled by Alexander Gromov and went on a rampage which resulted in it breaking out of the facility and escaping into space. Unable to control the ship as well as it could with ALIEN's aide Ragnarok struggled to do too much and was unseen for awhile until it turned up above the CMF homeworld of Cineris. The ship attacked but was confronted by the CMF's home fleet along with the CMF "King Arthur" and was destroyed.

A replacement Archangel has been ordered and is currently under construction on Concord.

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