Arcas is a Spec Ops Class Demigod who is the son of the Goddess of Nature.Since the attack on the Capitol, Arcas has been fighting in the war. Unlike most demigods Arcas uses stealth and has attacked many bases with his own group of marines. He once destroyed an entire base without the NDE even knowing anyone was there.

Like most other Spec Ops teams Arcas and his team were sent undicover in UNSC space. Unprespared Arcas was ambushed by an elite team of spartans who surprisingly to him easily masscred his team. Arcas is now classifed as MIA as no body was found,until the Circe Unit captured Ran Lacus and exchanged her for Arcas.


Arcas is quiet and very mysterious, he only speaks when needed too but when he does he is often very kind.

Weapons and TacticsEdit

He is very good with the bow and arrow and uses them to take out far enemies. He also has many different types of arrows like explosive ones and electrical ones. He also has two daggers which he will us to either to assassinate an enemy or as melee weapons.


His only form is that of a hawk warrior. He uses it for combat and for flying to destinations. This form is rare among Spec Ops and only Arcas is known to have it.

Garudamon by greatveemon-d1qapoi

The Hawk Warrior Form