Anthony Capelann

Date of Birth

March 30th, 2558


24 (Due to time acceleration)


Bird Human/Faunus hybrid.


  • Seele (Task Force X)
  • Tyr (UCR Spec Ops)


  • UCR (Eden)


  • UCR
    • UCR Armed Forces
      • UCR Navy (Former)
        • Andromeda Expeditionary Force (Former)
      • UCR Spec Ops
        • Skuld Unit
  • Orb Union (Former)
    • Argus (Former)
      • Task Force X (Former)
  • New United Nations


  • Pilot (Former)
  • Spec Ops
  • Instructor (Current)



Love Interests

  • Elsie Ito (Deceased)
  • Iris Heart

Eye Color


Hair Color

Light Brown

Machines operated

  • VF-11C Super Thunderbolt
  • VF-17S Super Nightmare

Enhanced Rank

 Anthony is the child of Aria and Blade. He was born on March 30th. He is a Bird Human/Cat faunus Hybrid. 




Early lifeEdit

Anthony was born on March 30th, 2558 on the UCR world of Eden. Coincidentally, he was born on the same day and year as his aunt, Kari. At the age of 13, Anthony and his family moved to the Mako Space Station.

Vagan ConflictEdit

Mako RaidEdit

Anthony, along with Kari, were in their classes of one of Mako's schools when the Vagan infiltrated and attacked the station on the 11th of April 2573. During the evacuation of all residential and educational complexes, Vagan forces broke through the stations outer shell and began attacking the city inside. The sight of a destroyed defense force  VF-11 Thnderbolt crashing into the elementary school where his mother, Aria, worked at gave the young man a feeling of dread. Immediately soon after, Anthony and Kari broke away from their class as they attempted to reach the burning elementary school. This decision ended up saving them as a Vagan unit landed near them, opening fire on the students and teachers. As the Vagan unit turned to the two, a VF-19S, operated by Maya destroyed the Vagan mech. Only Kari, Anthony, and another student from their class, Sollux, were the only survivors from their school. The distraught Anthony got up again, trying to get to the elementary school to save his mother, but was stop by Maya despite his protests. The three were then taken to an evacuation center by Maya, who then returned to defend the city.  The three were later taken on to an evacation shuttle to the near by UCR colony of Osea.

Three days later, Anthony and Kari would reunite with Blade, who stayed behind with the Colony defense forces to help protect the station. Although their reunion would give Anthony and Kari hope that Aria was also alive and near by, Blade had informed them that Aria had perished in the attack. He then comforted the two by hugging them as they all began to mourn for her. 

Joining the NavyEdit


Meeting YurinEdit


Operation TrinityEdit



Yurin's deathEdit


End of the WarEdit


Suicide SquadEdit

After his five month journey, Anthony (apparently now older) returned to his home on Eden, only to find the city partially abandoned and his home destroyed due to the Kaiju attacks. There, he met Slade Wilson and was offered a chance to change things for the better. Anthony accepted, due to Slade offering him the power to kill Jack and Toki in return for his cooperation.

Mission to AmberEdit

Anthony (going under the code name Seele)along with Toki, Jack, and Asakura were sent to the UCR Colony world of Amber, which was the site of a planet wide Necromorph outbreak. They're assigned mission was to rescue survivors and bring them to Orb, though Anthony was given priority to retrieve an Orb Asset on the planet.

After the mission, Anthony's identity was revealed due to Asakura ripping off his mask. This resulted in Toki trying to do what she does best to Anthony, resulting in a close quarters fight with Jack inside the Transport they were on, and Asakura blaming Anthony for Elise's death.

Prison Station 342Edit

Some time later, Anthony along with Toki, Jack and Issac Clarke, an Engineer who was on Amber were sent to UCR's Prison Station 342 to break out Edward Nigma, who was a prisoner in the Station for unknown circumstances. Once there, Toki caused a riot by letting the prisoners out, making the team's mission easier. Once the team found him, Nigma put the team through a few riddles and revealing to them that they were not ARGUS's first Suicide Squad.

As they released him, the team came under attack by several UCR Special forces operatives, Circe Unit being one of them. When Jack tried to kill Nigma (as secretly requested by Slade) one of Anthony's Shadow clone tried to stop him, only to be overpowered by Jack, although it did provide Anthony a way to disable the Nanomachines that are inside of him. Anthony and his remaining Shadow Clones held the Special Forces off long enough until the team left the station with Nigma, and surrendered himself to to Circe.

CMF Jaeger ProgramEdit



  • Custom Norlyn combat suit
  • Luce and Ombra: A pair of magic oriented pistols Anthony earned from his teacher during his stay in the Skyverse. Instead of using bullets, Luce and Ombra utilize magic energy as their firepower. They can also augment their destructive capabilities by using the operator's energy, however this can tire out it's owner if this method is used for too long.



  • Energy Manipulation: (Wip)
  • Replication Technique: (wip)
    • Replacement Technique: (wip)


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