Anthony Mirlo
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Date of Birth

March 30th, 2558

Place of Birth

November City, Eden.


26 (Due to time distortion)

Call signs/Other Names

  • Seele (Orb)
  • Tyr (UCR)


Aven Hybrid.


UCR (Aurelia)


  • UCR Armed Forces
    • UCR Aerospace Forces
    • UCR Special Operations
      • Skuld Unit
  • New United Nations Spacy
  • Orb Union (Former)
    • ARGUS (Former)
      • Task Force X (Former)
  • Noryln (Former)


Lieutenant Commander




Familiy TreeV4

Love interests

  • Iris Heart (Current)
  • Mylia Galvas (Former)
  • Elsie Ito (Former, deceased)

Eye Color


Hair Color


Vehicles operated

  • VF-11 Thunderbolt
  • VF-23 Ibis



Early LifeEdit

(Entire section under rework)

Working for ARGUSEdit

After returning to the Eden in June of 2576, Anthony was offered to join ARGUS' Task Force X by the leader of the Orb Union. At first he refused the offer, but when provided with the information that Jack and Toki were under ARGUS' custody and that he'll be allowed to kill them once their usefulness to ARGUS was fulfilled, Anthony accepted Slade's offer and joined under the code name of Seele.

Mission to AmberEdit

Anthony was deployed with Tokisaki, Jack, and Asakura to the habitable moon of Amber, a colony world of the UCR in the far stretches of UCR space. Due to the colony going dark as the result of an unknown infection, the four were sent to investigate the planet, with Anthony being assigned a secondary objective of finding and retrieving a individual sought by Argus. After landing on the planet, the group traveled through the deserted and wrecked capital city of the planet before encountering a Necromorph. After quickly dispatching it, more began to show up. It is at this point Anthony separated from the group to start his mission.

Following the instructions he was given via an operator back at Argus, Anthony was directed to a complex that had several of it's gates ripped open. Anthony entered the complex, only to be faced with Necromorphs and began fighting his way further down the complex. At some point he reached a door that was not broken into yet. After confirming that there were still people alive in the room.