Angelus 1


Approx. 300 years




Angel, Liam


Human Vampire



Angelus is an approximately 300 year old vampire demon. He is one of the most skilled and deceptive of all vampires, being much more cunning than randomly bloodthirsty and animistic like most. He is extremely sadistic and dangerous, but is a skilled actor, and appears as a normal human to trick others. Despite this, he has a few human acquaintances whose presence benefit him more being alive than dead. As a vampire, he has extreme physical abilities, including great strength, skill in combat, and regeneration. He has trained enough to even overcome the weakness of sunlight, which at this point is only a minor annoyance to him. He has also grafted a metal plate in his chest, covering his weakness of a stake to the heart. As a result, he is nearly unstoppable. As a demon, he also enjoys immunity to most magic, and has an extensive knowledge about magic and other sorts of demons himself.


Angelus has made a name for himself in Europe as being a dangerous vampire, but since he doesn't draw too much attention to himself, most people assume he's fictional. After becoming bored with his exploits in Europe, he left Earth and traveled, meeting and learning about various demons in other cultures. He first met the Adventure Group when he saw Yuki's Evil Verse counterpart abduct Yuno.


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