Real Name

Andrey Ivanov



Date of Birth

July 18th





Hair Colour


Eye Colour

  • Brown
  • White (when using powers)


Exon, New Moscow


Brotherhood of Enhanced

Andrey Ivanov was a Exon youth living in New Moscow, however after the death of his girlfriend at the hands of the mob, he set out for revenge only to find himself in jail. However, he was broken out though unknown means.


Before, Andrey was content with his life and thought he had finally found a time in his life where he could just be happy. However, ever since the incident Andrey has become cynically jaded and his views on both his life and the planet he loved so much have soured. All that is left is burning flames of revenge.


Early HistoryEdit

Andrey lived in one of the poorer housing districts in New Moscow, there he provided for his ageing family by working in the steel mills and working any moment he could just to earn money for them. The work was tiring, that and taking care of his family was driving him to the edge.

However, during one of his part time jobs he met a girl, a waitress named Valeriya. Almost instantly the two were smitten with each other, Andrey had never seen someone so beautiful in his life. After a couple weeks, the two began dating, finally Andrey was out of his depression, he felt life was worth living again.

This will all come to a bloody end, however, as after leaving their date one night the two were caught in a drive-by shooting. It was all so sudden, but once Andrey came to his senses he came upon a horrifying sight. Valeriya was dead in the snow.

Desperate beyond reason to find the killers, Andrey began digging into any source he could in an effort to find out who was responsible for this monstrous act. Eventually he came upon some information, that the drive-by was a hit by the Barzini family in an attempt to take out a group of thugs from the Stracci family, Andrey and Valeriya just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Andrey's sorrow became his rage, he sought out the closet buildings and businesses owned by the Barzini family and burned them to the ground, with no regard as to who was inside, as to him, all were worthless to the life he lost.

He was quickly detained by the authorities and was set to go to trail within the week, it seems some of the mafia families wanted him done with quickly. However, luck smiled upon Andrey once again when a mysterious portal appeared before him in his cell. 

Andrey's current wearabouts are unknown, however wherever he is, his flame of vengeance still burns.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Will add when the cause of them is revealed.