Ancile 4

Date Created


Created by

Harlan Ryen

Also known as

  • Tetra
  • Quadri
  • A4


Ancile Class Advanced Airframe and Support A.I


  • UCR
    • UCR Navy
      • SVX-0

Units Operated

  • YF-23
  • YF-26



  Ancile 4 (Service code R9X-54T-V12R5) is an Ancile Class Advanced Airframe and Support A.I created by Harlan Ryen in 2558. As with most of the Ancile A.Is, who were based off of the personality of a organic subject, Ancile 4 was created using the personality of Marq as a base.


Due to it's base and it's service with Kari during the Vagan Conflict,  A4 exhibited a protective streak over it's pilot and people who Marq knew, going as far as forcefully overriding controls of the machine to eliminate a threat Kari couldn't handle by herself, or to simply get away if an enemy was too strong. However, A4 was known to teach the young pilot, passing on techniques Marq knew onto her through simulations and flight training, eventually, with assistance from Blade, helping her create her own style of flying. 

The A.I also also known to be laid back, an example of which was when it would often play songs through it's speakers when not in combat. Like all of the Ancile A.I's, A4 communicated through words projected in the helmet's HUD and a series a beeps.


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