Amber King


Amber King

Other Names

Amber Pritchett


March 14





Hair Colour

Blueish black

Eye Colour



Machines Operated

MS-18E Kämpfer

Amber Pritchett is the 2nd adopted child of Alien-king, she lives on Eden with her family, though often finds herself looking both her little sister and her dad, but she enjoys it.

Personality Edit

Amber is very shy, so much so she can hardly talk to someone without stuttering or freaking out. However over time she can get to be calm around people but this takes awhile. She is very quiet and often doubts herself when it comes to anything she does be it playing her guitar or studying. She has been shown to be very smart and can adapt to most situations if she is not too scared.


Early HistoryEdit

Amber was adopted from the Eden Orphanage by Alien-king at the age of 3. She was left there by her mother a year prior for unknown reasons, and because of this developed a fear of abandoment. However, she gained her trust back in people after being adopted, after seeing how much her new father cared for her.


Amber was given a Gunpla kit by her father when he won it in a competition (thinking it was an actual mech). Amber however did not mind and slowly built the MS-18E Kämpfer and keeps it on her person most of the time. However she has been asked, she has not battled in it a Gunpla battle as she thinks she won't be good enough to control it and is afraid it will be destroyed.

A few weeks later after hearing about the Fifth Annual Inter-Galactic Gunpla Tournament, Amber was persuaded to try Gunpla battling by KariBlade and Purple Heart. After taking her to a local hobby shop she tried battling and turned out to be rather good at it. After winning several executive battles and was persuaded again to take part in the Gunpla Tournament. After buying a GP-Base she started preparing for the local qualifier competition.

Amber managed to battle her way through the Eden qualifier and won her final battle, though the Kampfer unit got heavily damaged, and secured her place in the Gunpla Tournament.