Altira is the name given to the large, limitless land that preceeded both the Skyverse and Hell. Altira was described in ancient texts as both a paradise with limitless resources, as well as a world full of dangers that were numerous thousands of years ago. Altira was destroyed when the Goddess of Gods raised the land masses that would become the sky islands and continents into the heavens, with whats left behind becoming Hell after the devastating effects of the Moribund Wars.

Known KingdomsEdit


Known RacesEdit

  • Gods: The Gods and Goddesses are amongst the oldest beings of Altria, with Ami and Darkness being the first two born when Altira was first created. Each of the major gods and goddesses following the birth of the first two were born out of the collective traits each species had.
  • Dragons: Originally the protectors of all life of Altira, the Dragons were the first species that appeared directly after the creation of Altira. Although few in numbers now, the Dragons were among the most powerful beings ever to have existed.
  • Avens: Created by Ami via her blood and clay, the Avens were a race of humanoids who were gifted with the ability of energy manipulation. The Avens took up the resposibility of protecting various races after the Dragons forsaken their original roles. Like many of the powerful races of the past, the Avens were brought to near extinction during the events of the Moribund Wars, and again during the Dawn Empire's expansion.
  • Giants:
    • Frost Giants:
  • Asgardians:
  • Titans:
  • Humans: The humans of Altira are the most numerous of all species, and by far one of the most successful in Altira's history. Despite their physical weakness and finite life time when compared to the other species, the Altirian humans success comes from their ability to work effectively in large communities or groups, passing down technological or magical knowledge and techniques from generation to generation, improving and furthering said knowledge and techniques, and primarily the need to expand further across hundreds and thousands of miles.
  • Faunus: The Faunus are a humanoid race that posses physical traits and abilities of various animal species, ranging from common species like cats and dogs to powerful animals such as bulls. It is unknown how the Faunus came to be, but the most widely accepted theory is that a group of humans who worshipped the Goddess of Nature started to show animal like features after generations.

Known locationsEdit


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