In other universe there are variations of Alien. Their back stories, personalities and even their race can be different depending on which universe it is. Here is a list of a few of them.

Mikey Davies (Earth 1)Edit

Mikey is a normal human boy on earth, he enjoys a lot of things and lives a happy live. In this reality he goes on a site where him and other people around the world (though it mainly is america) RolePlay as different characters to play out stories. Mikey controls a character called Alien-king.

Spencer "Alien" Barns (Earth 101)Edit

Rad Spencer MvsC3FTW

Spencer "Alien" Barns

In this universe the NDE won the war and destroyed the UCR and soon started to expand into Primverse and became a major universal power. Alien is part of the resistance that fights against the NDE. He used to be a freelance mechanic who was at the time of the NDE attack, was working on Eden. Barley surviving firing squads, Alien soon joined the newly forming Resistance and became the "head" of the Eden branch. On a mission Alien and some other members were ambushed by the NDE, he managed to get out alive up lost his arm, however he managed to build himself a new one jammed packed with gadgets to aide him in combat. Alien got his nickname from how he interacts with people, almost as if he is not human, he liked the nickname and now is commonly refered to as it.

Anti-Alien (Earth 120)Edit



Anti-Alien is a shadow of what could of been if the Primeverse Alien never escaped his facility. He is much bigger (standing at 10'tall when on fall fours) and stronger than his primeverse counter part would of been at his stage and prefers to use his brute strength rather than brains in battle. Unlike other incarnations of him Anti-Alien is nothing more than a ravernous beast who is only kept around by the Aventure Group as a pet, only to be released when there is no other option. If he could he would kill all of them, but until them he is fine with the few scraps of flesh they give him now and again.

Hunter (Earth 220)Edit

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See page for more details

Hunter is Earth 220's version of Alien, oddly enough he is a cat. He managed to find his way through an anomaly and ended up in Primeverse where he was adopted by Evil Evo.

Evil Alien (Earth 666)Edit

Aliens rogue book edit

Evil Alien (Rogue)

See page for more details

Evil Alien is as you can guess a twisted and evil version of Alien, he has succesfully managed to conquer the Milky Way galaxy with his advanced Xenomorph army after most of the universe was ravaged from the battle with Primeverse.

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