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30 foot (as Xenomorph)
5'9 (as human)


None (as Xenomorph)
Brown (as human)


None (as Xenomorph)
Light brown (as human)


Adventure Group (retired)
Hive (formally)
CMF (formally)





Alien is a fun loving Xenomorph, he is like this because he watched a lot of comedy shows when in his first hive. He is also a tech head and often builds machines to do things he can't. He cares about his friends a lot and will do anything to protect them.

Early HistoryEdit

Alien was formerly a test subject of the Weyland Yutani corporation. They grew him in a test tube and raised him to be a perfect killer, and to be the first male Xenomorph ever. One day during his normal testing the labs power went out due to a rival companies mercs. Alien escaped from his cell and slaughtered everyone in the land and freed all off the other Xeno test subjects. They then later built a hive and Alien became the queen's protector.

Some time later Alien discovered two hyena pups in a zoo in a small colony his hive attacked, he adopted the two and they became his pets. He named them Bud and Lou after comidans he enjoyed watching on TV.

Gen 1Edit

Joining the Adventure GroupEdit

One day the hive was attacked by a "strange human" who managed to overpower Alien and kill his queen. This human then ran and Alien gave chase. After weeks of chasing the human got away, but around this time Alien met Marq a (then thought to be) human. The two fought for a good 3 hours until Marq explained he knew who the man was and that him and his team are out to stop him, or the time being Alien decided to join this team and stop the being known as Mercer.

Fight against MercerEdit

After months of tracking him down Alien and the team finally found Mercer's location, he was in the remains of New York now called NYZ. After the team thought against waves of Mercer's minions they finally found the man himself. Alien and Marq fought him together and after a long battle, Mercer was beaten and contained, much to Aliens dismay  as he wanted revenge. But after being calmed down, Alien left Mercer alone and decided he wanted to be a part of the Adventure Group full time.

Skyverse Edit

A few months after Alien, Marq and Evo went to Skyverse for a huge party event. At this event is where the NDE first appeared and attacked. After the attack the Adventure Group was given the Black Knight as their personal ship and on-board Alien found the Behemoth which he later fixed to be his own mobile suit. (will add more when I remember)

Destrucion of SkyverseEdit

(I will add this later)

Other warsEdit

(What they said)

Misalliance AdventuresEdit

In his final years in the Adventure Group Alien did some odd adventures and missions from time and again. Some of these being: fighting the Red Eyes Darkness Dragon, assisting Z in some of his antics some other unimportant ones.

One day Alien was hanging around and was attacked by a strange women, defending himself he fought her until they stopped for a second and spoke. The person said she was from another universe and thought AK was part of some enemy faction. After convincing her he was not the two allied with each other and she joined the Adventure Group.

One day while searching the woods Alien ran into a mysterious demon who upon seeing him quickly attacked him but upon getting a between few stopped, she apologised and explained why she attacked. It turned out she worked for a powerful demon who she wanted to over throw and thought Alien was him for some reason. She then asked for Alien's help in killing and he agreed to help her and after travelling to a demonic plane the two were soon met by him. After a long battle they manage to kill the demon, Sam absorbed his power and grew even stronger.

Gen 2Edit

Rejoining the GroupEdit

Alien rejoined his group after meeting up with them, he took part in a few mission but has mostly stayed out of too much action. After awhile Alien regained his love of mechanics and started work designing weapons for his friends to use for their factions. When he found out about demon technology and the fact he had a dragons soul he designed the Red Dragon Gauntlet and with the help of Rias created it, he now wields this as his main weapon. He later found out that the dragon known as Ddraig was sealed inside the gauntlet, according to him Rias put him in it but he has not shared any more details on why.

Joining the CMF and Other ThingsEdit

After working out a deal, Alien joined the CMF as their chief engineer and designed the Omaha which has been shown to be one of the CMF's most powerful ships. Later Alien would go on to design and build giant mechs for the CMF Jaeger Program. Around this time Alien adopted another child, Carmen. Alien was aboard the Galahad when it was attacked and almost destroyed by the Archangel Super-Cruiser this also caused his mobile suit the Behemoth Mk II to be destroyed and Alien to rebuild it as the Mk III.

Baby Napper Zee(?)Edit

Alien was present when one of Danno's newly born children was kidnapped by someone who resembled Tucker but also claimed to be Masked Hero Z. Alien, Church and Dan tried to save the child but they ultimately failed and he got away. After a week Church manage to pick up a signal which could possibly be Zee(?) and the baby. (will continue when RP does)

Skills and abilities Edit

Acid Blood - Being a Xenomorph, Alien naturally has acidic blood which can burn through almost any surface. After turning into a praetorian, Alien gained the ability to spit acid from his mouth this has helped him many times.

Speed and agility - Alien was very fast as a worrier and a praetorian and was easily able to outrun any gun fire. But after becoming a king his speed was lost but he makes up for it with his strength. As a human this has changed, he can climb up services with ease and is very acrobatic.

Endurance and strength - With his great size came great power, as a king Alien can easily decimate a building with a single wing of his tail. Also his outer shell became super resistant to damage, now he can easily take gunshots and explosions without even taking a scratch. He is not has durable in his human form but he does keep his enhanced strength.

Intelligence - Despite his foolish nature Alien is quite intelligent, he has shown this many times as he has successfully built many mech suits and several working A.I units.

Dragon Soul - After defeating the Red Eyes Darkness Dragon, Alien absorbed its soul and gained its power. Though due to Alien not knowing how to harness soul energy he is unable to feel its full affects all it does now is give him slightly stronger skin and a resistant to most fire attacks. Church taught Alien how to harness it soul on a basic level.

Red Dragon Gauntlet  - The Red Dragon Gauntlet is a powerful weapon created by Alien and Rias. It is powered by the combined strength of Alien's soul and Ddraig, a dragon bound to the gauntlet. (see page for more detail)

Transformation - Sam gave Alien this power, with it he is able to change back and forth between his Xenomorph self and his human counterpart.


  • Marq - Marq was the first friend Alien ever made and he has un-found respect for him. When he learned of his death Alien wanted to rip apart the enemies with his bear hands.
  • Blair - He was good friends with her and used to stay in her house in the forest of no return.
  • Danno - The two are great friends and enjoy learning about each others cultures and species.
  • Church - A good friend, Alien often gets on Church's nerves and annoys him. The two have become closer over the year and even work for each other now.
  • Evo - They like playing pranks on each other, Alien used to be scared of her because he knew what she did in her basement. Though he was never taken in there himself.
  • Yoko - Alien enjoys how badass she can be and likes joking around with her.
  • Protoman - They often mocked each other and had somewhat of a rivalry.
  • Grif - Alien finds him boring sometimes but still like to hang around with him.
  • A.L.I.E.N. - A.L.I.E.N. thinks of Alien as a father of sorts but doesn't have too much respect for him.
  • Sam - The two met breify and he is greatful to her for giving him a human form.
  • Julia - He cares of Julia and he sends her food from his sushi bar every week and keeps in contact all the time.
  • Amber - He is somewhat over protective of her and wants to keep her away from any kind of danger.
  • Carmen - He cares for Carmen like his other daughter, however he is less protectives of her than Amber possibly because she is rather headstrong.
  • Ddraig - The two have somewhat of a meutral respect for each other but mostly get on each others nerves.

Alternate VersionsEdit

See subpage


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