Alien's Warehouse from the outside

This is where Alien used to to live. It is now owened by ALIEN.


The main contents of the warehouse is mostly robotic part. But he also stores some of his finished work there, such as a spare Behemoth MK 2 , Lopez, and Cain. in the corner of the warehouse there is a chewed up couch and armchair where Bud and Lou will usually sleep. next to the arm chair is an old tv and a mini fridge (which contains cold pizza and raw steaks) a few feet from the couch is a old bed where Alien sleeps. Underground is an arc reactor which powers the warehouse.


Surrounded the back of the Warehouse is a big forest which Alien liked to wonder around, out the front is a road and a huge city.

Gen 2Edit

After A.L.I.E.N. took over the warehouse most of its contents was taken out such as the Sofa,fridge,bed and Tv. At the back of the Warhouse there is now a large computer used for his research.  The Iron Machine suits are underground and are stored around the arc reactor.

Defense systemsEdit

Dispite it being filled with trash the warehouse has highy advanced defense systems. Under the concrete near the main door 2 defense turrets await and rise out of the ground when actiavated. Along with this the warehouse is equipped with a V.I. system called A.L.I.E.N. what keeps 24 hour protection over the warehouse.

Gen 2Edit

Everything is the same other, other than the defense V.I. as he was remade into an A.I. to replace Alien.


  • A.L.I.E.N (away)
  • Naol
  • Jason

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